Indonesian specialities restaurant Rasa Senang
De Jagerweg 227 
3328 AA Dordrecht
Phone: 078 - 651 11 60

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Tuesday up to and including sunday
opened 16.00 - 22.00 uur.

Monday closed
(exept for holydays)



The menu of Rasa Senang is particularly extensive, as you can see in our restaurant at ease. The appetizer menu is a wide selection of Indonesian delicacies. These starters are mouth watering, as are all other Indonesian specialties ...

Cold appetisers

301    Shrimpcocktail
          Cocktail of Icelandic shrimps in a creamy saus

303    Krupuk
          Made from shrimps, served in a basket

304    Emping
          Made from Melindjo beans, served in a basket

305    Casave
Made form the cassave plant, served in a basket

Warm appetisers

321    Springrolls (2 pieces)
          Richly filled with various vegetables, small springrolls (vegatarian)

322    Résoles (1 piece)
          Crispy baked pastry filled with chicken ragout

323    Pangsit Goreng
          Crispy fried pancakes, served with a warm and spicy sauce

324    Pangsit Goreng Royal
          Dough, filled with onions, meat and shrimps, fried and served with a warm sauce

325    Pisang Goreng (baked banana)
          The original baked banana in batter fried and sprinkled with icing sugar

326    Pangsit Udan Mas
          Balls of meat / shrimp paste, surrounded by dough, fried and served with a spicy sauce

327    Martabak
          Dough envelope stuffed with minced beef and vegetables


350    Soto Ajam
          Lightly spiced broth with sliced chicken, egg, bean sprouts, rice noodles, fried onion and celery

351    Soto Madura
          Clear broth with sliced beef and a variety of fresh vegetables brunoise

352    Tomatosoup
          light sweet soup in which fresh tomatoes and many soft herbs have been used

353    Pansitsoup
          Doughballes filled with meat and shrimps in a light herbal broth

354    Soto Ajam Lagi
          Spicy broth with sliced chicken, egg, bean spouts, sohoen, froed onion and celery