Indonesian specialities restaurant Rasa Senang
De Jagerweg 227 
3328 AA Dordrecht
Phone: 078 - 651 11 60

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Tuesday up to and including sunday
opened 16.00 - 22.00 uur.

Monday closed
(exept for holydays)

kip groentebreed

415    Ajam Keri 
          chicken in an spicy curry style sauce

416    Ajam Pangang ketjap 
          grilled chicken in a spicy soy sauce

417    Ajam Sétan 
          chicken in a realy hot sambalsaus

418    Ajam Tomato   
           chicken filet with fresh tomatoes in a sweet sauce

419    Ajam Ritja
          in crispy dough fried chicken filet with
          a savory ginger sauce

420    Ajam Goreng       
          dry fried chicken

421    Ajam Rudjak  
          chicken in a sambalsaus

422    Ajam Opor 
          chicken in savory coconut sauce

423     Ajam Bumbu Seréh       
           chicken filet in soy suace

424     Ajam Asam Manis       
           chicken in a mild but spicy garlic sauce

Served with white rice or yellow rice, nasi goreng or
bami goreng