Indonesian specialities restaurant Rasa Senang
De Jagerweg 227 
3328 AA Dordrecht
Phone: 078 - 651 11 60

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Tuesday up to and including sunday
opened 16.00 - 22.00 uur.

Monday closed
(exept for holydays)


400    Rendang     
          beef in a spicy saus

401    Smoor 
          smothered and savory beef

402    Daging Belado 
          spicy beef

403     Daging Keri       
           beef in curry style sauce

404     Daging Bumbu Bali 
           beef in a spicy bali sauce

405     Babi Pangang  
           roasted pig in a spicy sweet sauce
           Also possible with a spicy bali sauce

406     Babi ketjap     
           smothered pig in a soy sauce)

407     Babi Sjomoh 
           crispy baked bacon with a soft Tautjo sauce

408     Cha Sieuw      
           roasted sweet meat

409     Empal manis      
           Dry sweet beef steaks
410     Meatmix Rasa Senang      
           combination  babi pangang, bacon and cha sieuw

Served with white rice or yellow rice, nasi goreng or
bami goreng