Indonesian specialities restaurant Rasa Senang
De Jagerweg 227 
3328 AA Dordrecht
Phone: 078 - 651 11 60

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Tuesday up to and including sunday
opened 16.00 - 22.00 uur.

Monday closed
(exept for holydays)


550     Gado Gado      
            cold vegetables topped with a warm and spicy
            satay sauce and krupuk

551     Gado Gado Lontong
            cold vegetables topped with a warm and spicy
            satay sauce, krupuk and krupuk pressed
            coked sticky rice

522     Rudjak Manis
            plate of fresh fruit and cucimber topped with
            a syrop sauce in which herbs and sambal
            are incorporated

553     Oerap
           fresh sliced vegetables with grated and lightly spiced

554     Tahu Telor
            Omlette with strips of tahu

555     Sayur goreng, vegatarian
            Fried fresh vegetables

Served with white rice or yellow rice, nasi goreng or
bami goreng