Indonesian specialities restaurant Rasa Senang
De Jagerweg 227 
3328 AA Dordrecht
Phone: 078 - 651 11 60

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Tuesday up to and including sunday
opened 16.00 - 22.00 uur.

Monday closed
(exept for holydays)



510    Satay mix Gado Gado
          Three kinds of grilles satay, with cold vegetalbles
          covered with satay suace and bits of krupuk

511    Satay mix Gado lontong
          Three kinds of grilles satay, with cold vegetalbles
          covered with satay suace and bits of krupuk,
          served with pressed sticky rice
512    Nasi Rames
          white rice with sambal goreng boontjes,
          sambal goreng tahu, belado, ajam goreng,
          serundeng, satay

513    Bami Rames
          bami with sambal goreng boontjes, sambal goreng
          tahu, belado, ajam goreng, serundeng,
          frikadel kentang, satay

514    Nasi Kuning
          yellow rice with sambal goreng tempé, kentang
          kering, atjar kentimum, daging belado, ajam goreng,
          pisang goreng, serundeng, sayur lodèh, 4 satay

515    Nasi Goreng ‘Rasa Senang’
          fried rice with ajam goreng, sambal goreng boontjes,
          sambal goreng rebung, daging belado, 4 satay,
          serundeng, atjar kuning, krupuk

516    Bami Goreng ‘Rasa Senang’
          bami, ajam goreng, sambal goreng boontjes, sambal
          goreng rebung, daging belado, satay, serundeng,
          atjar kuning, krupuk

522    Mihoen Goreng
          Fried thin rice noodles, served with sayur lodéh,
          serundeng, ajam goreng and satay

523    Mihoen Singapore
          Fried thin rice noodles with meat, shrimps and
          vegetables (curry style) seperate: satay kenting, atjar
          and krupuk

524    Mihoen Goreng ‘Rasa Senang’
          fried thin rice noodles, sambal goreng boontjes,
          satay, atjar, sambal goreng rebung, daging belado,
          serungdeng, krupuk

525    Nasi Goreng Udang
          Complete dish with fried rice pig meat, vegetables
          and shrimps, seperate: atjar kentimum, satay, krupuk

526    Bami Goreng Udang
          Complete dish with egg noodles pig meat,
          vegetables and shrimps, seperate: atjar kentimum,
          satay, krupuk

527    Dadar Isi Ajam
          Omlette with vegetables and shrimps served with
          a sweet sauce

528    Sayur Goreng
          Plate of fried vegetables with chicken filet and shrimps

Served with white rice oryellow rice, nasi goreng or bami goreng